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Journey of a CPA in achieving 2X Productivity, 10X Growth With Faster Turnaround Time

At QBX369, we frequently interact with CPA’s that have a lot of work on their plates and are unable to focus on their core business responsibilities and growth.

We met one such CPA a few months ago and assisted them in eliminating a burden off their shoulders.

Overview of The Client:

The CPA is a well-known person in Quebec, Canada with over 15+ years of rich experience.

He preferred dealing with small and medium businesses, managing Bookkeeping and compliance of their business.

He hired many staff locally but was not satisfied with the quality.

He was also facing difficulty of higher employee turnover. He was stuck in a vicious cycle of hiring the staff, training them and then rehiring the staff when previous employees used to leave.

He was searching for a seasoned yet cost-effective offshore partner. As a result, they chose QBX369 to handle its small company clientele.

Our partner’s primary objectives in outsourcing were to:

Complete all bookkeeping and taxation chores for their clients while providing high-quality service.

Improve client communication and expedite outputs by reducing inquiries and delivering the best outcomes.

Streamline the bookkeeping and tax processes to ensure that the client is not inconvenienced.

And manage their 50+ bookkeeping projects at the same time.

How QBX369 Helped Them:

Our team is well versed and skilled in completing their work, and our team has appropriate expertise managing similar projects.

We equipped them with a complete proof solution to their demand by aiding them in the following ways:

We were able to take over some of the client's bookkeeping tasks by providing services on Hourly basis.

We also helped them increase their productivity by 2 folds by reducing their turnaround time.

QBX369 was able to help them save nearly 60% of their overhead costs.

We automated all of the workflow and communication processes so that they could keep track of everything.

QBX369 also offered them weekly work summaries to make it easy for them to stay on top of things.

Completed all jobs ahead of schedule, with a satisfaction rate of over 98.5 %.

Our partner client was quite satisfied with our work, which allowed them to focus on their main business while lowering costs.

This also aided them in increasing the precision of their work as they scaled up.

As a result, the CPA shifted his core focus on growth. He was able to scale his practice 10X within a very short period of time.

Are you looking for a reliable outsourcing partner as well?

Lets discuss..!

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